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“Brian is a highly charismatic and personalize individual who build relationships with an audience very quickly. He brings passion and first-hand knowledge to his speaking engagements that comes from a varied successful sports career and being a successful coach".

Cy Charney President at Charney & Associates Inc.

“Brian Nugent International - is an excellent company that gets results. I was very satisfied with the outcome of their services and I would highly recommend to anyone who needs an immediate turn around in their life or business. Brian Nugent Keynote Speaking and Executive Coaching - Canada is lucky to have Brian Nugent, one of the best speakers on leadership and human potential”.

Antonia Moras Franchise Contracts Manager

“As an excellent keynote speaker and superb coach Brian is brilliant in the field of human potential. His system DNA of a Millionaire that focuses on the 7 step principle for true wealth is a proven action plan for success. His company Brian Nugent International addresses all your needs and makes sure that they work with you until the job is done. Within the corporate environment things can always be competitive, it is always good to have a coach that you can count on for strategic advice who is innovative and creative in his approach. I would highly recommended Brian or his staff to anyone who is looking to further their career or company”.

Michelle Heron-Means ·Director, National Engagement and Talent Leadership

“Brian Nugent is the most hard working and goal oriented person I have ever met. His life has been dedicated to helping people young and old and this is his passion above all things. I appreciated all of his advice and always remember "if you always do what you've always done, you always get what you always got" You are in control of your destiny, just do it! No challenge is too much for Brian to undertake and succeed”.

Keris Goulet Client Services Advisor at RBC

“Brian's charisma, confidence, and compassion had instantaneously raised my comfort level with him to the point that I was willingly able to seek his advice about a very important meeting I was having the following day. It was a strange but very soothing feeling for me. And I'm glad I asked him. I had already had a very good plan about my meeting but talking to Brian made me even stronger and more confident in positioning myself in the meeting; every point on my agenda was addressed in the way I wanted it to be. Because.... Brian is just GREAT!!!! Many thanks Brian and God Bless you, your BIG heart, and what you do!!!!

Tatiana Lomasko, PhD, MBA International Leadership | Data Science Strategy & Innovation | Health Economics | Artificial Intelligence/AI | Digital Health

“Brian is fantastic! He is extremely knowledgeable and can add value to any company. I would not hesitate to hire him”.

Dr. Peter Kalinka Chairman at Longmore 60 Biotech Inc.

“I’ve worked with Brian Nugent for years and he is one of the most reliable, hardworking and knowledgeable professionals I’ve ever encountered. He is well-versed in many different industries and can offer valuable advice on any project. He is also very personable, making it easy to work with him. I highly recommend Brian to anyone looking for a top-notch professional.”

Lisa Smith, Business Analyst

“I have had the pleasure of working with Brian Nugent on multiple projects. He is a great asset to any team because of his enthusiasm and dedication to finding the best solutions. He is an excellent problem solver and has a knack for going beyond the expected to deliver exceptional results. I highly recommend Brian for any project.”

Michael Tanner, Project Manager

“Brian is a great asset to have when it comes to getting a project off the ground and running smoothly. He has a great knowledge and understanding of the different industries he works in, which makes him a top 1% consultant. He is also very organized and reliable, making it easy to collaborate with him. Even during Covid he still made the time to help our company during those tough times”

Peter, Software Engineer

“We brought Brian in during Covid when our business was shut down. We knew he could turn things around during that volatile time. He is incredibly knowledgeable and understanding of the different sectors, which makes him a unicorn. He is on point with nearly everything which is highly unusual. Most importantly he’s reliable and easy to work with. I highly recommend his team”

Laura, Small Business Owner

“When you are dealing with numbers all day things can get chaoctic. Brian Nugent is an excellent professional with vast knowledge of business. We brought his team in to create a new business structure to increase client acquisition in the Ontario Market. We have hired him twice and have always been impressed with his attention to detail and dedication to finding the best solutions.

Sarah, Accountant

“He is an excellent communicator, always willing to listen and offer valuable advice. He is knowledgeable about many different industries and can offer creative solutions to any problem. I highly recommend him.”

Alex Peterson, Chief People Officer

“I have had the privilege of working with Brian Nugent on several projects. He is an excellent problem solver and always has a creative solution to any challenge. He is knowledgeable in many different industries, making him an invaluable asset to any team. I highly recommend Brian for any project.”

Mark, Production Manager

“Brian is a doll. He is fun, dynamic, and brilliant! We needed to create a structural change within our organization but had issues with the union and non-union members. Brian was able to somehow create a highly sophisticated, organized, and simple corporate legislation that was universally accepted and legally binding for our organization in a short period of time, one of our best decisions as a company.”

Emma, Computer Engineer

“I have worked with Brian for over 10 years. He is a brilliant writer with very fast creative solutions to complex problems. Best consultant EVER!!!

John, IT Professional

“2020 was a bad year for many and a very bad one for us. We are contracted through the government for high-level security devices. Brian Nugent International was recommended by one of our partners. We brought BNI in things for matters I can not disclose. His team were excellent professionals and executed the agreement within a 16-week period vs. the 24-week contract they were hired for. Instead of taking the 24-week payment, BNI returned 8 weeks of payment that was already paid to their accounts to us. Never seen this in my entire 32-year career. ”

Jane, High Ranking Security Personnel
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