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Brian Nugent is a highly successful and accomplished individual. From his time as a professional football player to his career as a highly sought-after speaker, consultant, and author, Brian Nugent has established himself as a leader in his field. Brian Nugent began his professional football career in the late 1990s, being drafted in the first round 9th pick overall to the CFL. Brian Nugent is the highest draft pick since the school's inception. He holds the highest bench press record for WR’s in CFL combine history with 25 reps of 225lbs. He has been with both the CFL and NFL. He was known for his work ethic, dedication, and commitment to excellence..

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After his professional football career, he decided to pursue a career in business and consulting. Brian Nugent has since become a highly successful entrepreneur, consultant, and speaker. He provides consulting services to major corporations and organizations and has been featured several times. He is a sought-after speaker and regularly speaks at events, conferences, and seminars internationally. Brian Nugent has also authored multiple books which include but not limited to: Don't Live Another Day Without Me, The Day Dominator, and A Hero's Guide to the ABCs. These books provide readers with insight into how to live a successful and meaningful life.

Brian Nugent is an inspiration to many, and his success and accomplishments have been an inspiration to countless companies. He is a leader in his field, and his books have been extremely successful.

Don’t Live Another Day With Me:

the only self-empowerment book you will ever need - what your parents didn’t know and school never taught you. A billion excuses can STOP YOU from obtaining your goals and dreams–work, family, relationships, social media, money, time, low confidence, no self-worth and fear. But think about this for a moment: The top 10% of people who consistently hit their goals in life are more successful 90% of the time than everyone else, no matter what the stumbling block. They get predictable, obtainable and repeatable results.And you can too when you master Don’t Live Another Day Without Me! – simple yet powerful techniques and lessons.


From world-class Master Life and Fitness Coach (psychofitologist) Brian Nugent whose own story has inspired tens of thousands of people from around the world, Don’t Live Another Day Without Me! Is a learning how to get out of your own way and focus on what really works. This is the most comprehensive self-empowerment book ever written. Brian has taken his 28- plus years of training and experience and condensed it into one book. When it comes to delivering lasting results, Brian Nugent’s results-driven approach is truly exceptional and will have you anticipating what’s next. No single book in the world has ever provided how to master, control, manifest, and challenge you to be your best with your Mind, Body, Money, Relationships, Work, Technology, Spirituality, and Environment.

Some of the things Don’t Live Another Day Without Me! Will do for you:

  • How to get your Mind Right with purpose and passion

  • How to get your Body Right to lose weight and feel great

  • How to get your Relationships Right so they are strong and lasting

  • How to get your Career Right so you enjoy work and make every day feel like Friday

  • How to get your Technology Right so that you use it and not abuse it

  • How to get your Spirituality Right so that you have a greater connection with a higher being the world you live in 

  • Plus, much, much more!

The Day Dominator: How to Dominate your Day so you can your Life

The Day Dominator: How to Dominate Your Day So You Can Dominate Your Life is an inspiring and informative guide for anyone looking to take control of their day and make the most out of their life. Written by nationally recognized author Brian Nugent, this book offers readers practical advice on structuring and organizing their day so they can achieve maximum success and productivity. The Day Dominator tackles a daily consistent approach to create a day of success, from how to establish a daily routine to how to break bad habits and replace them with productive habits. It also includes advice on how to set and achieve goals, how to identify and eliminate distractions, and how to create a positive mindset.


Brian Nugent provides readers with a number of tools and techniques to help them make the most out of their day, including developing a morning and evening routine, creating a plan for the day, and scheduling tasks and activities. By introducing readers to the power of structure and discipline, The Day Dominator helps them to become more productive, feel energized, and achieve their goals. With its clear and concise advice and step-by-step approach, this book provides readers with the tools they need to take charge of their day and create a life of success.

A Hero's Guide to the ABCs: The 5 Zingos

Is an inspiring and empowering children's book that teaches kids how to be resilient, confident, and brave. It’s based on 5 characters Hiro, Brave, Jaxx, Blaze and Spirit. The 5 Zingos, are a group of friends striving for superhuman qualities without having superhuman powers. They work to make themselves positive and avoid anything that will weaken their physical and mental strength. They use their good judgment to be kind to their bodies by eating the right foods, having the right thoughts, and speaking the right words. They avoid being mean to all living things, with a focus on being kind towards animals, nature, and people. They have goals and dreams but also fears. However, they do not allow their fears to control them, but rather, they control them. They are The 5 Zingos.


The letter E (Exercise) teaches kids the importance of being fit, taking care of their health, and making good lifestyle choices. The book then guides kids through the letters T (Thankful) and Z for (Zen). A Hero's Guide to the ABCs: teaching them to think critically and make decisions that are best for them. The book also helps kids learn about the power of Education and how to set goals for success. It also explores the importance of Honesty, Integrity, Kindness, and Love. The book also talks about the power of Mindfulness and how to be resilient in times of adversity. A Hero's Guide to the ABCs is a great book for any kid who wants to build confidence, resilience, and self- development skills. It's an empowering and inspiring book that can help kids of all ages reach their potential.

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