WELLNESS: A paycheque just doesn't cut it anymore

His company Brian Nugent International addresses all your needs and makes sure that they work with you until the job is done

...strategic advice, is innovative and creative in their approach. Michelle Means Strategic Account Director at Reed Construction


Brian Nugent International's experience in training organizations and people over the past 20 years has led him to be featured as a professional speaker over 700 times, domestically and internationally. 


"I bought this book to give to someone else. Only to discover it was for me, it changed my life " Nadine. G, Lawyer


"We build programs for everyday problems ".

Brian Nugent International

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  • Wellness Specialist


If a paycheque were enough then everyone would be happy.  Take care of your people and you will take care of your bottom line 

employee First

Your greatest asset is not your customer, your greatest asset is your people

corporate care

Your success is predicated not mostly on strength and intelligence but your flexibility to morph to employee mental and physical needs. 

health action

In times of crisis and unpredictability, you must channel your efforts on your staff wellness. Never allow problems to steer you off course.


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