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Brian Nugent is a highly successful business consultant and coach. He has worked with over 40 different industries, from technology and finance to health care and manufacturing. His clients have included billion-dollar companies and institutions. Brian has helped these companies achieve their goals through a combination of his expertise in strategy, customer experience, and operations. He employs a data-driven approach that allows him to identify and analyze the key drivers of their success, then develop strategies and tactics to help them maximize their impact and reach their objectives.

Brian’s ability to provide targeted advice and guidance has made him a highly sought-after consultant. He has helped companies streamline their operations, develop new customer experiences, and maximize the return on their investments. They surgical implement the latest trends in technology, economics, marketing, and operation.

His strategic advice has been credited with helping companies increase their profits and expand into new markets. Brian has also been credited with introducing new ways of thinking and doing, helping companies to stay competitive and remain ahead of the curve.

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He has helped them develop new products and services, as well as optimize their existing offerings. He has also been instrumental in helping companies bring new technologies to market, allowing them to capitalize on the latest trends and stay ahead of the competition. With his impressive list of clients and the success he has achieved, it is easy to understand why so many companies have sought out Brian Nugent’s services.

Some Clients include BMO, RBC, Remax, Chrysler, the Government of Canada, Manulife, CBC, Trojan, Apotex, Johnson & Johnson, Ford, GM, Maple Leaf, Rogers Telecommunications, and more

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