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Increase Employee Performance

How to get the Best Out of Their Employees

In today's age, a crop of extremely valuable companies has emerged and everyone is interested in their human resource management strategies. Some may argue that they gobble up all the top talent in their fields which is the cause of their success. Nonetheless, even with a talented team, the lack proper management will almost always lead to disastrous results. In essence, some of the techniques that steer human resource productivity and how they get the best out of their employees profoundly explained in this article.

Setting clear and defined goals has over time been known to be a premonition for success in any field.

The organizational setting of goals is an important step for every company and it is customarily done each New Year (White, 2015). Well and good, but for the best results, this should be incorporated into regular practice by breaking it down into weekly targets and consistently tracking progress. The major difference between the successful and the not so successful ones lies in the commitment the employees show in attaining the set goals. Such a result can be realized by actively involving the employees in the setting of goals to ensure clarity as well as aligning the organizational goals with personal professional goals.

Coming up with an action plan is the next plan after formulating goals. A step by step process where the required actions are identified and matched with expected timelines and results ensures that everyone is conscious of what they should be working on, when, and why (White, 2015). Thus, this makes employees more accurate when allocating time for every event. This leads to greater productivity levels across the board and in the company as a whole. The action plan should be detailed to a fault such that even a new employee can plug in quickly. This way, there is no room for ambiguity being labeled a cause for inaction.

The role of a manager in improving team morale trickles down to individuals and giving confidence where self-doubt creeps in, and thus an integral part of this function. How best to boost an employee’s confidence is an art that takes time to learn. Key pointers are ensuring that the employee does not feel like a project (Savitz, 2013). He or she should feel a deep respect and that the compliments are genuine ones. Moreover, the nature of the compliments should also be made more specific to ensure they understand their strengths, asking them to train others in certain areas also builds up their confidence greatly. These methods ensure that the employee feels ready and able to tackle the allocated tasks.

Removing roadblocks to an employee’s tasks is a vital way of empowering them to perform better.

This also has the psychological aspect of showing the employee that the management is interested in the state of their working environment (White, 2015). One way of doing this is, for example, providing paid day care services for young mothers as in Google LLC, another may include ensuring safety while getting home by providing services to drop them off and pick them up as in Facebook Inc. In doing so, the employee even feels more empowered and works to repay the company for its efforts.

Employee monitoring is a controversial subject with most people arguing against it on the basis of privacy rights violation. Agile employee monitoring refers to the type of employee monitoring that is aimed at improving peer to peer interaction, more flexible working schedules as well as collaborative effort amongst the employee pool. It also places larger importance on the delivery of required results as opposed to the means used. It is in this way less restrictive than conventional employee monitoring (, 2018). This method of monitoring helps the employees know that their time on tasks is being managed and therefore leads to a more serious outlook on the employee’s part. It acts as a sort of unseen eye on them and hence leads them to concentrate more on delivering the required results and consequently improved productivity levels.

Overall, the importance of regular assessment cannot be underestimated and every organization should take care to ensure that a tracking of progress is conducted regularly to ensure everyone maintains the required standards. This regular assessment can be improved by attachment of rewards for those on track in pursuing their targets and consequences for laxity. Evaluation ensures that employees strive to achieve the set goals in the absence of real inhibition, and thus become more productive. The above measures have been used in most of the tech companies to increase productivity and achieve the great levels of success that have made them some of the most valuable organizations in the world.

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