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How to Make Every Day a Great Day

from Don't Live Another Day Without Me

Being upset at work can spoil the whole week. There are many misconceptions about satisfaction and labour. You have to learn what works best for you. Once you find this out, the rest will come into place. Making yourself happy doesn’t just improve your efficiency; it is also good for your health. Below are some easy ways to be more satisfied with your work life.

Be Grateful

Being grateful for a job is the fastest way to find joy and happiness. Focus on all the good that you get from your job. For example, a pay cheque, vacation days, benefits, friendly co-workers, mental stimulation just to name a few. Just think of all the job hunters who would like a shot at your position, and you will easily be happy.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

When your sense of self-worth derive from comparing yourself to other people, you are not the master of your happiness. Whenever you feel great about something that you have achieved, don’t allow anyone’s views or accomplishments take that from you.

Create an Office Nest

You are at your work for about eight hours a day, which is longer than you spend in your bed. Find some music, get pictures, cool figurines. Make the place your own, enhance your area as much as your organization’s policy allows, and make your workplace as exciting as you can.

Reward Yourself

Whether you buy yourself a special lunch, take time to joke with a colleague, surf the Internet or buy yourself flowers, treat yourself to some guilt-free time even if it is for five minutes. Stress at work can impact your home; rewarding yourself can motivate you in all aspects.

Decide: Poor Day, Poor Week, or Terrible Job?

A tough day can make anyone’s job seem like the worst job ever. Take a moment to consider if you are having a bad time, or if you are really in bad condition. Knowing that you are just having a bad moment versus a bad day will make all the difference in the world.

Give Someone a Hand

Assisting your co-workers will not only please them but will also make you comfortable. Helping others will give you a boost of oxytocin, dopa- mine and serotonin, which creates good feelings. If you make sure that you are not overcommitting yourself, assisting others will have a positive impact on your happiness.

Befriend a Colleague

The happiest employees are those who have a close colleague at work, so get one. It doesn’t have to be the boss’s favourite or the most intelligent person. You want to find someone who is constructive, a person you can joke with, and one who is nice. Then, you will have someone to raise you up if you have a rough day, and you can do the same for them.

Using these strategies won’t just develop your happiness in the workplace; most will likely improve your intelligence. Choose the ones that resonate with you and have fun with them.

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