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5 Signs your Employees are Burning Out and you’re Paying the Price

Signs your Employees are Heading into Burnout and what to do

So you have all your plans and financial projects in place for the next five years and are on course to meet all deadlines, you must be doing pretty well as a manager. But there’s a problem lurking that even the best of managers miss very often. The issue of employee burnout is like a proverbial train being the source of the light at the end of the tunnel. You might not see it coming and when you do it’s already too late. It eats at your productivity and all of a sudden you’re looking down the barrel. So, how exactly do we stop these apocalyptic events in our careers?? One sure way is observing your employees for the symptoms below and ensuring you do your best to solve the underlying issues before they turn your employees into sour workers with next to zero productivity.

Negative Attitude and a Feeling of Hopelessness

When an employee suddenly starts being cynical and defeatist about activities on the job, he/she could easily be feeling worn out and headed to burnout. For example, the employee might be complaining of a client's difficulty before calling them or how he'll never be able to close such and such a client. This may be due to worse than expected results. In this case, the employee requires a more positive outlook on work and as the manager, you can handle this during meetings by commending them for a job well done and dwelling on the positives. Remember mood is contagious.

Inability to Concentrate

Where employees are often absent-minded or have to be reminded to meet deadlines, this may point to a personal problem that may be occupying their mind and stopping them from concentrating on the work at hand. The manager should strive to get to know what the issue is and find a way to help them fix it, it may be by giving them some time off or offering some form of assistance to make the problem go away and relieve the stress.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Sometimes employees can be heard expressing fear of not being able to finish their assigned tasks and duties. This may be noticed by them appearing tired on mornings or skipping lunch hours to finish up on work. Oftentimes, this may be due to being overworked.

The manager ought to analyze the workload for such an employee to see what may be the problem. Reducing the workload or giving them lighter tasks to let them breathe may be a good idea.

Sometimes refining the work process with the employee's involvement can lead to a better experience for them.

Personal Neglect of Health

Personal wellness is integral to employee productivity. When one starts to neglect their personal health as evidenced by missing lunch too often or showing up in light clothing in cold weather and staying excessively late, this may point to exhaustion or stress piling and may lead to burnout. Talking to such a person and expressing concern for their carelessness or reducing their workload to allow them to breathe may help. This depends on the specifics of the individual.

Feeling Stuck

An employee getting stuck once in a while is acceptable and even expected but where this is common even for supposedly easy tasks, it may point to burnout. It may be due to boredom or monotony, giving them alternate tasks they may enjoy is a great way to ensure that the employees stay rejuvenated.


In today's busy world, the issue of stress is always lurking in the shadows and when it strikes it takes down even the best-trained minds, the methods outlined above can help you notice the onset of this and help you to overcome them without having to stop the wheel of your business or workplace. Being cognizant of your employee’s states of mind can help you build a wonderful working experience that all of them would be eager to be part of.

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