Brian Nugent works with the public and private sector. He's administered over 700 speaking and consulting forums. He is the chairman of Brian Nugent International, a modern-day company and the active CEO of Pickering Fitness and Wellness Centre a full service wellness facility where they provide fitness, yoga, mental therapy, nutritional guidance and more.

He is contracted as a Chief People Officer for many small to medium sized businesses, law firms and dental offices, where he implements systems for conflict resolution, team empowerment, employee training and coaching​.

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"His life has been dedicated to helping people young and old and this is his passion above all things."

Keris Goulet


"Brian made me even stronger and more confident."

Dr. Tatiana Lomasko


"Brian Nugent International addresses all your needs and makes sure that they work with you until the job is done."

 Michelle Means,

Brian has three Master's Degree in the following disciplines: Life Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy, and an education from the Schulich School of Business Executive Management program. Brian is also Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Wellness Specialist, Certified Yoga and Qigong Instructor and Former Professional Football Player as well as a business owner. Brian is hired for as a corporate consultant with an expertise in health and wellness expert with an emphasis on employee sustainability.

Brian Nugent brings a rare substance that  is rarely seen in most business settings.

Brian has authored 3 books Don't Live Another Day Without Me! Mastering your Mind, Body, Money, Relationships, Work, Technology, Spirituality and Environment, The ABC's of an Awesome ME and the The Day Dominator: how to dominate your day so you can dominate your life. Brian is the director of a 6​000 sq/ft wellness centre located in Pickering, Ontario that focuses on success management, where they provide a plethora of services for mental and physical well-being.​


Brian’s main focus is on maximizing human potential and unleashing the strength from within. He understands it's not what you know but rather what you believe that matters. Brian’s effective and compelling programs provide the motivation and the strategies to excel in both business and in life.

"Bring in Brian Nugent International, they will make a difference"