Don't Live Another Day Without Me

A billion excuses can STOP YOU from obtaining your goals and dreams – work, family, relationships, social media, money, time, low confidence, no self-worth and fear.

But think about this for a moment: The top 10% of people who consistently hit their goals in life are more successful 90% of the time than everyone else, no matter what the stumbling block. They get predictable, obtainable and repeatable results. And you can too when you master Don’t Live Another Day Without Me! – simple yet powerful techniques and lessons.

....self-assessments, personal evaluation tests, powerful life questions, and funny stories that channel you to transform your life.


The ABCs of an AWESOME ME!

The ABCs of Awesome Me is a book that brings together the ABCs of building up confidence, resilience, and virtues for young kids, teens and even adults. The ABC’s of an Awesome Me is a must have for parents, teachers, and advocates who want to build up today’s kids mentally and emotionally. Through memorable messages and delightful artwork, Brian uses his whimsical insight and good humour to illustrate all the great things about raising a good kid and teaching perseverance.This book will bring about a good laugh, condition your child for a healthy mind and foster life long lessons. The ABC’s of an Awesome Me will help guide kids and adults on how to live a fulfilling and abundant life.


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